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    February Caption Contest: Voting Time for Valentine’s Day

    You may know who your Valentine is already, or not, but one thing you don’t know is – what is your favorite Valentine’s caption from the below list? We’ve winnowed down the massive list of submissions to the below five to help the process along, but now we need you! So, go on, vote.

    PS: If you really want to print out the image above and use it for your Valentine’s Card, then, well, I give you permission. Cause I’m all heart.

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    Our Brand New Holiday. “Make a Pound of Fudge. Don’t Share.” Day

    Once again, the 2014 Plants vs. Zombies calendar has encouraged us toward gluttony. Yes, February 10th is officially “Make a Pound of Fudge. Don’t Share.” day. That’s both greed and gluttony!  Those zombies really have no shame. Okay, then, I thought, I’ll make the fudge… but I will resist the temptation to hoard it for myself. I’m better than that… I know I am.

    And then I made the fudge. It turns out to be kind of a process!

    Seriously, I have to chop 18 ounces of chocolate into little shards? That's...really hard work. This picture is only four ounces, and I've only made the first of many chops on it.

    As I went about the arduous and time-consuming task of making this fudge, I began to gain a new perspective on this holiday. Why am I doing all this work, only to turn around and give fudge away? Does anyone else deserve this fudge as much as I, who have toiled to create its deliciousness? Fie, I say! This fudge is mine, all mine!

    Mine! MINE!

    Spare me your pitiful looks and pleading. No fudge for you!

    Okay, so… the truth of it is, the only thing harder than making a pound of fudge is working off an entire pound of fudge. Also, sharing is caring and all that jazz, and people will like you better if you give them fudge than if you smack their fingers when they reach for a piece.

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    Peggle 2 & Gamers for Giving

    Resident Englishman and truly a Sunflower in all of our hearts, Rowland is back with news from the world of Peggle 2.

    Gamers for Giving 2014 is holding a Peggle 2 tournament this weekend, with a very impressive trophy for the winner. Who or what is Gamers for Giving, you may be asking?

    Gamers for Giving is a competitive gaming tournament/LAN party that helps generate resources and awareness for the initiatives of Gamers Outreach Foundation. The next event will take place at the Grand Ballroom of Eastern Michigan University’s Student Center the weekend of February 8 & 9, 2014. Gamers for Giving is a nonstop gaming marathon which begins in the morning hours of Saturday, February 8 and lasts until the evening of Sunday, February 9.

    Sponsors help cover overhead costs associated with hosting the event so that attendee entry fees and donations can be used strictly for the programs of the charity. Funds raised from previous events have helped build portable gaming carts for children in hospitals and send video game care packages to U.S. troops overseas.

    The goal is to raise $20,000 to help kick off Gamers Outreach Foundation’s charity programs in 2014 by hosting a great event for its supporters. Gamers for Giving is a welcoming, friendly environment where gamers can come together to play their favorite video games in a clean, social and competitive atmosphere. Simply by participating, gamers are making a positive impact in people’s lives through resources generated by the event.

    There will be live streams to enjoy even if you cannot make it to the event, and you can find out more here: http://gamersforgiving.org

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    Rejected Game Ideas VII: It’s Like That

    It’s time for the fantastic seventh edition of Rejected Game Ideas! If you’ve missed the other six, then friend, I pity you. But not too much, cause you can go back and read them all and have your life change from the sad thing it is today into a life of happiness, laughter, amazement and – did I say laughter? Well, that’s what it’ll be after you read about the most awesome games that never were, and maybe never even considered as real games (though between you and me, they should be; maybe; maybe not). But remember: these are solely for fun purposes, and fun porpoises, only. And also remember, as Fleet Captain Curtis once said, “Please don’t steal. Or, if you do, steal well.” With that, here are the finest rejected game ideas ever thought of by man, woman or beast.

    Table Full of Eggs
    Eggs. Eggs. EGGS! And one table.

    Mustache Comb Carnival
    It’s a saga of hirsute hilarity as you progress along a map of classic rides – with hairy twists. From the Handlebar Hurricane to Muttonchop Matterhorn, can you make it through with combs intact?

    The Devious Designs of Dr. Tangler
    A dance/adventure game mingling modern torture horror movies with buck-and-wing moves, you’ll have to kick up those heels or have them sliced right off by the world’s cruelest choreographer.

    Don’t Be Crewel
    The world’s top educational game designed to help kids learn embroidery, fencing and Latin, all at once (also contains a strong anti-bullying undertone).

    Ducks With Four Wings
    A gang of dangerous drakes threatens to pull the pond into ruin. Only you and your band of ruffled vigilantes have a chance of cleaning up in this hack-and-feather hit.


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    February Caption Contest: Love Is In the Air Edition

    It’s time for another charming Caption Contest – and this one has an extra dose of charm! That’s because we’re inching up to the most romantic holiday of the year (and I don’t mean Singles Awareness Day on February 15th). To start the heart-y celebration, lovely PopCap artist Chris Sheridan (who also writes and draws the best comic in the last 5 years, Motorcycle Samurai) has put together the below Valentine’s special. Now it’s up to you! You have to put the perfect caption over in the comments on our handy Facebook page. If your caption is the winner, then you’ll get fame, fortune and adoration.* So, don’t wait around – let your love flow, via your caption.


    *This constitutes no promise of fame or fortune. But adoration, sure.

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    New Islands in Solitaire Blitz: Dominican Republic & Haiti

    Everybody’s favorite Community Manager who still doesn’t have her own blog icon, Tara, is back with the word on more new islands in Solitaire Blitz!

    Land ho, Solitaire Blitz fans and Blog Ride readers. It’s a morning filled with bright eyes and scaly tails with two brand new islands on the horizon!

    The Dominican Republic is here with a fan requested Quest that is straight outta the sports arena (hint: baaatter up!). We’ll go dancing in the club. And we might get a little crafty with Sally.

    On the western side of Hispaniola, we explore Haiti with the nymphs of Solitaire Blitz. If you happen to know any of the women on the team those cute little faces might look a tad familiar, thanks to SB artist (and nymph), Lyla!

    So, what are you waiting for Blitzin’ friends? Point your bow north and make sure your crew is ready to set sail. It’s time for exploring, treasure hunting and mystery solving on these two beautiful new islands in Solitaire Blitz: Lost Treasures!

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    Of Hawks and Kittens

    It was unseasonably warm in the Boss’ home state,
    and the game it ended, check and mate.
    The hawks did soar,
    the broncs did score,
    and it feels like gloating to say much more.

    But how about that Kitten Bowl, eh?
    Now that will brighten any day!
    Darling punny monikers,
    Feline Manning, Jim Hardpaw …Mr. Whiskers?
    (Kind of gave up on that last one. I can relate.)

    So for next year, I humbly submit
    some Seahawks names for the kits.
    Richard Purrman and Steven Meowschka’s
    antics would keep us glued to our couches.

    Our feathered friends from Solitaire Blitz thought it was the best Groundhog Day ever!

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    Super! Bowl! 12th Zombie Up In Here!

    Rick ‘em, rack ‘em, wreck ‘em, ruck ‘em! Get that ball and really fight! Zombie caught up in (American) football fever and hitching a ride on Zeahawks bandwagon. (Still not found the band yet but it a pretty nice wagon.) So Zombie goed out and spent all the nickels in the nickel jar on swell new outfit for to fit into big (American) football parties and help self to brains what taste like cheese dip and light beer.

    If youse make with the clicking on the images you can embiggen them and print them out and stick them on your face or share them with friends or whatevs. Zombie suggest you do one or more of those things.

    Zombie Editor say Zombie gots to apologize to fans of Denver Broncoz and the capacious forehead of Peyton Manning for not also dressing up in orange but not even Zombie fool enough to do that up here in the Northwest. So have fun, play nice and — win or lose — pleez you not light stranger’s car on fire on Sunday night. Seriously, what is wrong with you?

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    Ask a Zombie: “If the Camels Don’t Get You the Fatimas Will” Edition

    Zombie is back again to cure what ails you. Are you ailing? Write to ZombieAdvice@PopCap.com and ail no more.


    Dear Zombie

    Who would win in a fight between Robert Plant and Rob Zombie?


    Hey Harmie,

    Wow. Just… wow.

    On principle, Zombie going to have to go with guy named Zombie. Also, Zombie guy weird and scary and Plant guy all “look at me, I’m pretty.” Totes typical of plant. But on other hand Plant guy is some kind of rock god so somebody going to expect Zombie to have begrudging respect or whatever but Zombie (this Zombie) not about to start having respect for anything with “plant” in the name. If dude were actual god made out of rock, that would be crazy awesome and Zombie would overlook unfortunate name and follow that magnificent so-and-so into the heart of hell!

    Oh… sorry. Zombie Editor just tell Zombie that Zombie can’t say “aitch ee double toothpicks” so Zombie pick other hot, miserable place to follow rock god to, like surface of sun or Arizona.