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    Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare — Kind Words from the Internet

    Resident Englishman Rowland has been hard at work reading all the nice things people have been saying about Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare. Let us not let his work go to waste.

    Someone once said, I forget who but they were very important. “We are going to make Plants vs. Zombies into a shooter, and people will love it.” How prescient that person was. But before we got to “It’s obvious this was always going to work,” there was a huge amount of work involved. Ideas were pitched from all over PopCap and EA, until finally a small elite team of incredibly passionate and talented developers delivered Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare. Our fans and critics have been very enthusiastic in their praise, read for yourself!

    Game Revolution scored it a solid 100/100 and asks, “Is this the second coming of peanut butter and chocolate?”

    USGamer also gives it perfect marks (100/100) calling it a “thoroughly entertaining, super-competitive, high body count FPS-hybrid.”

    Gaming Trend praises it for being “a shooter that the entire family can enjoy; a game that’s simple enough for my five-year-old daughter, yet deep and varied enough to entrance even the most battle-hardened veteran.”

    Polygon notes that it “artfully starts with great shooter chops and uses PvZ to take bold risks with its design, with inspired twists on multiplayer conventions.”

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    It’s Buy Yourself Something Nice Day!

    If you have the Plants vs. Zombies vs. The Movies 2014 Calendar (which is, between us, the best calendar not only for this year, but for any year that has yet to happen), you already know that today is of course Buy Yourself Something Nice Day. If you did know, maybe you’ve already bought yourself something nice. But if you didn’t know, well, I have some good suggestions. First up, to make sure you don’t miss another important holiday again, you should get the Plants vs. Zombies vs. The Movies 2014 Calendar I mentioned above. Sure, you missed January, but you can still enjoy the awesome art. As an example, put your peepers on what this month’s movie looks like:


    If you already have the calendar, but just plain forgot to pick yourself up something nice, then I have the ideal suggestion. Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare for Xbox One and Xbox 360 just came out, and is setting the world on fire with fun. If you’ve been living on an Internet-free island for the last seven months or so, PvZ Garden Warfare lets you blast zombies and plants across a mine-blowing world that delivers the depth of a traditional online shooter blended with the refreshing humor of Plants vs. Zombies.

    If you have both the calendar and PvZ Garden Warfare already, then you are one lucky person. But you still deserve to get something nice. My suggestion at this point? One of the amazing Plants vs. Zombies headsets from Astro. They are swell.

    Okay, have all of the above? There’s only one thing left for you to get yourself. This circus poster:

    Because you, my friend, are the ringleader of awesome.

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    Ask a Zombie: “Playing Their Fiddles and Dancing Their Jigs” Edition

    If you are reading this, you have a problem that only Zombie can solve. Don’t try to figure it out, just write to ZombieAdvice@PopCap.com and Zombie will make it all better.

    Dear Mr. Zombie,

    There’s something on my mind for quite some time now. Why are you helping us with your wisdom and advice, when you’re simply after our brains? Wouldn’t that make us enemies?

    Confusingly yours,

    Dear Hyphenanthony,

    You want Zombie help or you not want Zombie help? This just a moment in time Anthony. Zombie can help you now and help can be helpful and your life improve and you skip around singing tra-la-la and then maybe later Zombie come and eat your suspicious brain and you go, “Hey, I remember you” and Zombie going to give you the raised eyebrows of acknowledgement and eat your brain anyway. It not personal. It just how The Universe™ is, Anthony. You know how some time you petting a cat and it all cuddly and making motorboat noise and then suddenly it turn around and bite you? Is you all, “Hey cat, are we enemies now?” Just take it for what it is, Anthony. Do not worry about what comes after.



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    Take a Spin with PopCap Slots

    Resident Englishman and bon vivant (What, he can’t be both?) Rowland drops by to spin a tale of slot machines.

    There are so many wonderful ways to play PopCap games. On a beach, on a cruise, okay…even waiting in line. But did you realize that you can enjoy PopCap games via the supreme audio-visual presentation: slot machines. BLAST your senses with total immersion in slot heaven; that would be my pitch for the marketing copy anyway.

    I feel more like Danny Ocean already, you maybe saying to yourself. And if not, well bear in mind these are totally custom made experiences for beloved PopCap games like PvZ, Bejeweled and Zuma.

    In my dream palace, I certainly would make space for PvZ Gargantuar and Backyard Showdown.


    Behold! Gargantuar! Plus Slots! And A Showdown!

    These beautiful machines add a certain “Holy PopCap! PvZ slot machines! Are you kidding me? Take my money!” to any residence. See for yourself below:


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    February Caption Contest: And the Winner Is . . .

    You know, I always have mixed feeling at the end of a Caption Contest. After a multitude of amazing captions come in, and then you winnow the list down to 5, you always have just one winner. Which is great – yeah! But then it’s sad, cause all the captions were so good, and then the whole thing is over, passing us by into the annals of Caption Contest history. For now, though, let’s not dwell on the whole impermanence of it all, and instead just bestow the laurels of champion on the awesome Dale, as his swell caption won the day! And give another thanks to amazing super artist Chris Sheridan. Together, they give you the fantastic combining of words and image below.

    Her parents didn't approve. He had no money, no future, no brains. But he had her heart.

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    Valentine’s Day the Video Game Way

    Question: What video game character (any era, any system) would you want to spend Valentine’s Day with?

    Here’s how the Blog Ride team answered:

    A.J. pours it on:

    If you know me well, you’ll know about my fondness for harem pants and pirates. As well as skull belt buckles, the canon of obscure-ish Mario characters, and syrup. So, it’s probably no surprise that my Valentine’s date pick is Captain Syrup. Sure, she’s a bit greedy, and a bit of a baddy big boss here and there, but if you want to be a female pirate captain, and rival of Wario, you can’t be all sweetness and light, pals (even if your ship is called The Sweet Stuff). And while she might not be a good choice for lifelong companionship (what pirate is?), I’ll bet she’s lots of fun and, like me, enjoys a good fruity tropical drink and singing pirate songs. All of which makes for a memorably awesome Valentine’s Day.


    Rowland stays in-house:

    I love Chuzzles. They are like little chirpy pillows of squiggly fun. They are just SOOOOOooo fluffy. Can  you really imagine taking Commander Shepard out on a date? Or Isaac Clarke? You. Would. Not. Survive. Nothing good could happen from this. Chuzzles on the other hand offer nothing but safe, reassuring, comforting love. And they always pick up the tab.


    Dana swoons:

    I play Ascension on my iPad every day, literally. It’s a deck-building game, so it’s all about acquiring powerful cards and slaying scary monsters. You start out with a basic deck of weak cards, but you use their combined strength to get better cards, and the better cards let you do cool stuff like slay the Sordid Asp or the Constricting Horror. Along the way, you find pretty powerful warriors you can add to your deck, like Prodigal, who can slay a monster costing 3 or less, or Arha Templar, who slays monsters costing 4 or less. And then there’s Aaron the Godslayer. He can slay any monster, regardless of cost.

    Maybe it’s because I’ve lived in cities most of my life, but for me, one of the most attractive qualities a man can have is the ability to protect me in a dangerous situation. If I could choose any video game character to go on a date with, I’m picking the one who carries a gigantic sword! The one with the quiet look of confidence on his stoically handsome face.  The one who could quickly dispatch whatever monsters might appear.

    The mechanics of a deck-building game also inspire some really unhealthy jealousy! If I can’t afford Aaron, I’m likely to banish him altogether to keep my opponent from getting him. That’s right, if I can’t have him, no one can! Sorry, Aaron, for all those times I’ve sent you to the Void. I hope you know I did it out of love. (And if I get my hands on the Serpentcall construct, I’ll totally come rescue you.)

    Philip pounds his keyboard until words come out:

    I love video games almost as much as I am bad at them. And where would we be without the first video game that I was bad at, Pong? Nowhere, that’s where. So for Valentine’s Day I choose to spend my time with my oldest friend in the industry, Paddle. Is it the left paddle or the right paddle? Does it matter? Maybe I’ll spend the day with both of them. No expectations. No entanglements. Just clean, simple up-down, black-white in a gray, uncertain world.


    Tara gophers it… goes for it (puns are hard):

    When I ask myself which video game character I’d like to spend a lovely Valentine’s Day with, there is no question in my mind that the fuzzy, smiley, hilarious, Big Fish Games gopher that graces the Fairway Solitaire game is the one for me. Gutsy McDivot’s sweet cheeks, mysterious smile, and those eyebrows! I just think he’s the cutest and funniest human-sized gopher around and wouldn’t mind getting to know him a little better this holiday. So… is it a date, McDivot?!


    Julie wins (again) because she married a guy named Leroy Jenkins way before the name “Leeroy Jenkins” became a thing:

    Leroy Jenkins.

    The real one.