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    New Islands in Solitaire Blitz: Cayman Islands!

    Everyone’s favorite girl, Tara, is back with more Solitaire Blitz news!

    Is it purely coincidence that the oldest message in a bottle was found in the Baltic Sea the same week the Cayman Islands were discovered in Solitaire Blitz: Lost Treasures on Facebook? I think not! The very first Quest is called “Message in a Bottle!” It truly is a great story and worth the read, but don’t forget there is a brand new island to explore!

    Make your way to the end of the region map to find island #56 ready for today’s adventure!

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    Ask a Zombie: “It Was Homage, Rowland” Edition

    Oh. Hello. I didn’t see you there. Me? Oh, nothing. Just thinking about stuff and wondering if maybe I should write to ZombieAdvice@PopCap.com and let Zombie help me answer some of life’s seemingly unanswerable questions. Maybe I’ll do that. And maybe you should, too.


    Dear Zombie,

    Do you like Doctor Zomboss? I bet you’re a hopeless brown coat wearing zombie who does everything he tell you to do. I bet you think you get all the brains? No you get 1%

    Sorry for you.


    p.s what is better, chickens or anvils?

    Dear Egg,

    HAHAHAHAHA! Zombie knew it. Zombie am the 1%. Take that, all the rest of you! Return to your meaningless existencesses while Zombie go home to mansion on private island floating in the sky to dine on dry aged brains and bathe in dolphin milk.


    P.S. Depends. You want eggs or you need something to drop on a coyote in comical fashion?


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    April Caption Contest: Cast Your Vote!

    The time has come, the rabbit said, to vote for one of these captions! And make sure you choose one that speaks to my lapine dignity!

    Brainnzzz, said the zombie.

    …but what did they really say? Only you, the voter, can determine that! So cast your vote below!

    Since one of the entries is too long to fit in the poll, here are the full versions for your consideration.

    Go Go, Go Go Rabbitzilla – Scott

    These are my carrots you silly rabbit! – Christina

    Flayrah! – Hazel

    “Angry Birds” doesn’t have anything on “Angry Easter Bunny: PvZ” – Dale

    Due to all the fan mail we have recieved from you we have decided it was time to hire a new head of security, Agent Rabbit. Who ar stoopid now? Sincerly The Plants – Richard

    The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog – Lee

    Vote in the poll below!

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    April Caption Contest: Wascally Wabbit Edition

    It’s a fine Spring day here in Seattle, so what better time to sit in front of your computer and ruminate on the cleverest thing you could possibly write to accompany this delightful Springtime scene? Bryan Grant was kind enough to draw this month’s caption contest artwork, and it’s worth at least a thousand words, so let’s see what you come up with!

    Submit your captions in the comments on our Facebook page, and we’ll pick our favorites for you to come back and vote on next week.

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    The Press Speaks About the Future

    Hey friends, last week of course we released the highly-anticipated Future World for Plants vs. Zombies 2. (You know this, I’m hoping. Unless you were trapped on a deserted island, in which case you’re excused but certainly I feel sorry for you.) And everyone is bubbly about it – the future is bright! But why listen to me? Read some words from the press about the first new world in PvZ 2.

    What better way to celebrate the milestone of 150 million worldwide downloads of Plants vs. Zombies 2 than with a HUGE game update? Prepare yourselves, zombie killers The future is here! Now live on the App Store and Google Play, Far Future World brings you 24 new challenging levels, eight new zombie-hating plants, 10 new brain-hungry zombies, and more!EIN News

    Far Future drags the zombies from the future to menace your lawn in the present. As always, these new enemies have more than just stylistic differences from their other incarnations. These zombies all have their own futuristic abilities that could make the game a bit more challenging. Luckily, new help is also available.Android Community

    The Zen Garden returns with more improvements since you’ve seen it last in PvZ 1. As you destroy zombies when you play, you’ll pick up sprouts that can be planted in the Zen garden. After watering them (based on a timing system), they’ll pop out currency and, eventually, a boost power-up, which lets you use a plant’s special ability immediately when you play it, all without plant food. It’s smart and satisfying to save these boosted plants for intense moments when a quick attack will save your game.IGN

    Far Future flings our heroes ahead into a world where bioengineered, genetically superior crops and plants are finally acceptable, if not necessary in the war against zombies. New plants available for defending  your keep include the Laser Bean, Infi-Nut, Magnifying Grass, and Blover. They’ll get to square off against new enemies like the Jetpack Zombie.Phandroid

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    Solitaire Blitz Pulls Into Port for Maintenance

    It’s time once again for everybody’s favorite Tara, Tara, to bring us the latest important update from the world of Solitaire Blitz.

    Ahoy friends! We’ve got some crucial news for Solitaire Blitz players. We will be taking the game offline tonight at 9:00 pm PDT for some much needed maintenance. Folks who play on Facebook will be unable to play until the wee hours in the morning, and if you play on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch you will only be able to play in “offline” mode during this maintenance window. We will update everyone on the Fan Page just as soon as we’re back online, but we wanted to make sure to give you a heads up!

    Don’t forget to try some of our other PopCap games if you’re looking for a midnight break. Bejeweled Blitz and Zuma Blitz are two of our favorites on Facebook. And for your Apple device, don’t forget to update your Plants vs. Zombies 2 app and check out the latest level — Far Future!

    Thanks so much for your patience tonight, Blitzers, and we’ll see you back in the game tomorrow morning for the new weekly tournament!

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    Bliss Out in the New Zen Garden

    Worried about the future? Specifically the Far Future in Plants vs. Zombies 2? Well, we have a solution! When saving all of time and space from the zombie scourge starts getting you down, unlock your new Zen Garden and relax in quiet, contemplative peace.

    Collect sprouts as you battle zombies and they’ll be waiting for you when you want to relax. Just add water, get some help from a friendly bee who stops by once in a while and soon you’ll be back in fighting shape. And your plants will be, too! Take good care of them and then you can bring their limited-time super powers with you in to the zombie fray!

    Don’t delay! Zen Garden today!

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    Far Future Invades Present Day!

    Fans of Plants vs. Zombies 2: It’s About Time, today is the day you have all been waiting for! How do I know that? Well, the #1 question our support team has been asked every day since PvZ 2 first arrived is:

    How do I get to the fourth world?

    Starting today, friends, the fourth world comes to you! Update your game to the latest version, and you will literally have a whole new world to enjoy! New plants, new zombies, new mechanics to challenge and inspire you!

    But wait–there’s more! Not only does today deliver you into the Far Future, it offers you the peaceful respite only to be found in a Zen Garden!

    So what are you waiting for? Get your update for iOS or Android and start exploring the world of tomorrow, today!

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    Ask a Zombie: “Please Make Sure Your Seatbacks Are in Their Full Upright Position” Edition

    Zombie had one too many brains last night so is not feeling his best. But that won’t stop him from stepping up and answering all your hard questions. Keep ‘em coming! ZombieAdvice@PopCap.com.

    Dear Zombie

    Do you like or not like how the general public views zombies through books and movies? If you don’t, do you try to disprove that view? If you do, do you represent that view? I would just like to know from you, because you’re cool.


    Mr. Anonanon

    Dear Anonanon (dee dee dee-dee-dee) Anonanon (dee dee-dee-dee) Anonanon (dee dee dee-dee-dee dee-dee-dee dee-dee-dee dee-dee-dee deedeedeedee dee dee deeeee dee),

    What you alive types think of zombies is not any of Zombie concern. Zombie not spend a lot of time worrying about how Walking Dead make all zombies look like extras from FM radio station Halloween haunted house. Zombie not go to movies and worry about Bradd Pitttt coming to save all humans frfom zombie (like he gonna stop brushing his luxurious hair long enough to do that). Zombie not going to get into all them arguments about do zombies run fast or slow or can fall in love with alive person (ew.) or be un-zombied. Zombie not even need peeps to tell Zombie what Zombie is cool. Zombie know that (but take the compliment anyways, TYVM). Peepul gonna do whatevs and Zombie too busy looking after Zombie (and looking out for dumb plants) to worry too much what some book guy thinks.




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    Peggle 2 & the G.A.N.G.

    G.A.N.G. (Game Audio Network Guild) held its 12th Annual Awards ceremony last week at GDC (Game Developers Conference), and a little game you know and love brought home two of the big honors!

    This victory is crystal clear!

    The Peggle 2 audio team delivered work that did us all more than proud, and now they’ve received official honors for their achievement. If you’ve played the game, you know how richly deserved these awards are! Peggle 2′s music is, well, instrumental.