Tumblin’ Along

Last time when Zombie write the Aks a Zombie thing, somebody Awesome (Zombie not remember first name but last name was literally “Awesome”) aksed what Zombie wanna do when Zombie retire. Zombie had a few idears and then in a fit of pique (Zombie have them sometimes), Zombie say to Zombie “Hey Zombie, why not pack it in?” So that am what Zombie doing. Oh, just this Zombie. All them other Zombie will be out there eating brainses and harrassing plants, but this Zombie going to hit the open road. So you mabey not hear from Blogging Zombie for a while. And you mabey not hear from them other blogger peepulz because, well, Zombie had room left in Brain Storage Unit and, well… Zombie think you know how that go. (Zombie Editor want Zombie to tell you that no writers were harmed and that they will likely be back from time to time to talk about big and important things when they come up and Zombie should not oughta say junk just to protect reputation. Pfft. Whatevs.)

So here am Zombie tribute to all other zombies out there being fbab farb amazing. Play on, Internet friends.

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