New Plants vs. Zombies Books for All – Even You!

Hello Plants vs. Zombies fans, fans of the written word, and fans of fun things. You may remember that in the past we’ve talked about some of the fantastic and freshly blooming Plants vs. Zombies literature (maybe highlighted by the awesome Lawnmageddon comic from Dark Horse). Recently, a plethora of popping plant and zombie reads have come out – and you should read them! Cause they are awesome. Exhibit A: Plant Your Path:

This is an honest-to-goodness Plants vs. Zombies choose your own adventure book! I, like most good people, loved choose your own adventure tomes when I was growing up, and this is a super swell one, with over 20 endings and even more middles (and Crazy Dave!). But don’t take my word for it – go read all the glowing five star reviews. And then go get Brain Food:

Brain Food is a 224 page hardback (making it easier to write in) activity book for kids, grownups, and everything in between. It’s got all the puzzles you love, secret messages from Peashooter, zombie tales, and Snorkel Zombie in a maze! It’s ridiculously full of great things. And speaking of great things – and activities that are fun – don’t miss the Shuffle & Stick Activity Book:

Hunt down the hidden tacos! Decode fiendish zombie notes! Help Crazy Dave with his shopping list! Do creepy crosswords! Walk the plank (but without falling into the water)! This book is puzzle-packed – and has stickers. I can’t really imagine a better way to enjoy an afternoon.

And, to round things up, if you’re a younger reader (or know one), the sweetest little book just for you is coming out next week! It’s called Plants vs. Zombies: Save Your Brains! It’s an I Can Read Level 2 book, meaning it’s good for kids who can read on their own, but might need a bit of help – also, it’s the perfect way to introduce youngsters to Crazy Dave and the fun-dead!

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