April Caption Contest: Cast Your Vote!

The time has come, the rabbit said, to vote for one of these captions! And make sure you choose one that speaks to my lapine dignity!

Brainnzzz, said the zombie.

…but what did they really say? Only you, the voter, can determine that! So cast your vote below!

Since one of the entries is too long to fit in the poll, here are the full versions for your consideration.

Go Go, Go Go Rabbitzilla – Scott

These are my carrots you silly rabbit! – Christina

Flayrah! – Hazel

“Angry Birds” doesn’t have anything on “Angry Easter Bunny: PvZ” – Dale

Due to all the fan mail we have recieved from you we have decided it was time to hire a new head of security, Agent Rabbit. Who ar stoopid now? Sincerly The Plants – Richard

The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog – Lee

Vote in the poll below!

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