The Press Speaks About the Future

Hey friends, last week of course we released the highly-anticipated Future World for Plants vs. Zombies 2. (You know this, I’m hoping. Unless you were trapped on a deserted island, in which case you’re excused but certainly I feel sorry for you.) And everyone is bubbly about it – the future is bright! But why listen to me? Read some words from the press about the first new world in PvZ 2.

What better way to celebrate the milestone of 150 million worldwide downloads of Plants vs. Zombies 2 than with a HUGE game update? Prepare yourselves, zombie killers The future is here! Now live on the App Store and Google Play, Far Future World brings you 24 new challenging levels, eight new zombie-hating plants, 10 new brain-hungry zombies, and more!EIN News

Far Future drags the zombies from the future to menace your lawn in the present. As always, these new enemies have more than just stylistic differences from their other incarnations. These zombies all have their own futuristic abilities that could make the game a bit more challenging. Luckily, new help is also available.Android Community

The Zen Garden returns with more improvements since you’ve seen it last in PvZ 1. As you destroy zombies when you play, you’ll pick up sprouts that can be planted in the Zen garden. After watering them (based on a timing system), they’ll pop out currency and, eventually, a boost power-up, which lets you use a plant’s special ability immediately when you play it, all without plant food. It’s smart and satisfying to save these boosted plants for intense moments when a quick attack will save your game.IGN

Far Future flings our heroes ahead into a world where bioengineered, genetically superior crops and plants are finally acceptable, if not necessary in the war against zombies. New plants available for defending  your keep include the Laser Bean, Infi-Nut, Magnifying Grass, and Blover. They’ll get to square off against new enemies like the Jetpack Zombie.Phandroid

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