Bejeweled: The Greatest Match-3 of Them All

Once again, it’s time for our resident Englishman, Rowland, to hold forth on matters near and dear to his little English heart.

Every 4 seconds another copy of Bejeweled is purchased or downloaded somewhere in the world. It also takes 4 seconds for lemurs to blink. No correlation, but it is sorta neat.

What makes Bejeweled so awesome and so loved? Is there a magic formula?
Perhaps it is how easy it is to play, or the surprising depth in the variety of modes, or simply the endless pleasure of match 3. In truth it is all these things and more. Let’s have a look at the modes in Bejeweled in the App Store.


The original mode of gameplay! Match as many gems as you can, and use special gems to clear large sections and allow more potential matches to fill in the space. If there are no viable moves to be made, the game ends. We have all felt the consternation of the message No More Moves. The sadness passes next time, when you beat your previous high score!


Match gems to form “hands” of cards and gain points. The perfect game for all you Gem Sharks out there.

Diamond Mine

Match gems and make explosions to dig underground for buried treasure! Diamond Mine is one of the most played and popular modes of Bejeweled ever! People like blowing stuff up and collecting gold – who knew?


Relax and collect as many points as possible. Also, be the gem.


Collect as many points as you can in only one minute. Along the way, there are Time Gems that extend the playing time, but only if you match them while they’re ripe! Fast, furious, sometimes frustrating, and always fun.


Match as many butterflies as you can before they’re eaten by the spider!

And if this stunning variety were not enough, let us not forget the achievements you can earn. In Bejeweled, you can earn badges for certain achievements, at Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum levels depending on how awesome you are. Interestingly, the Chromatic badge (you have to clear a whopping 750 Hypercubes to get the Platinum version) was not named after Tiamat, the Chromatic Dragon and leader of all evil dragons,

Courtesy of Rikki Grimes’ (faustus537) Photo Bucket

but after the chromatic musical scale.

It’s quite the package – see for yourself right here.

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