Solitaire Blitz Lost Treasures. Your Questions Answered.

What time is it? It’s Tara time. The magnanimous Tara is back to drop some knowledge about the latest (and biggest) update to Solitaire Blitz! Take it, Tara.

Hello Blitzers and Blog Ride readers! We’ve had a lot of questions regarding the biggest update Solitaire Blitz has ever had. We also would like to mention the known bugs that we’re working toward squashing in the next update. Are you playing on your iOS device and have run into an issue? Read on and have a pleasant tomorrow!

Please do visit the Fan Page or Support Page if you have a question that isn’t answered here. As soon as the next update is available, we will be sure to let everyone know. Thanks to everyone who has reached out with questions.

  • Why doesn’t my iOS version have all the islands?

Solitaire Blitz: Lost Treasures was launched on iPad, iPhone, and iPod with 47 of the 55 current islands. We do not have plans to add the rest until we can get the loading time improved and work on fixing any bugs you’ve encountered beforehand.

  • Why do I need friends to get to the next level?

There are 3 different ways to travel to each island, depending on what type of gamer you are. Some of us are ready to move forward immediately and choose to pay cash. Some of us like to build up Silver and spend that to crew our ship (replaying islands is the best way to earn more Silver!). And last but definitely not least, you can always hire your friends to move forward. Some islands will need 3 crew mates and some will need 4.

  • Why am I being dealt the exact same hand on every game?

This is a bug we are aware of and will be resolving in the first update. Appreciate everyone’s patience and heads up on this strange issue.

  • Why aren’t my Treasures adding to my total at the end of my game?

Please use Otis’ “Claim Treasure” banner until we get this bug fixed where clicking on each individual Treasure isn’t adding them to your total. Thank you!

  • Why is my leaderboard score not changing for the new tournament?

This is one we are looking into. For those experiencing a leaderboard that doesn’t change on Thursday mornings, please do contact our Support team so we can gather your details for further investigation.

  • Are you working on an Android application?

We do not have any information on Solitaire Blitz coming to Android devices. Sorry!

  • Why can’t I send Daily Gifts on my iPad, iPhone, or iPod?

Currently you can receive Daily Gifts, Energy, and crew requests on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod. But we do not have any plans on adding a Send Daily Gifts feature to this version.

  • Why don’t I have the same Boosts available on iPad, iPhone, and iPod?

We will be working on adding Double Boosts and Tempest in a Teacup to the iOS version as soon as we can. This will not be in the first update though.

  • I’ve updated to iOS 7.1 and my game won’t load or is acting funny!

Oh no! We’re looking into this and promise to include a fix in the first update to help anybody experiencing issues after updating your iOS.

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