New Islands in Solitaire Blitz: Jamaica & Mangrove Forest

Our superstar pal Tara (who is the very definition of awesome) is back with an announcement that’s sure to make Solitaire Blitz fans (which hopefully equals everyone, ’cause that game rules) get up and dance.

Today is the day, Blitzin’ friends. The air horns have blasted, rays of sunshine are spilling down on the open sea, and your Solitaire Blitz crew is ready and waiting for you to raise that anchor. New islands have been spotted on the horizon and it’s time to set sail!

Join Jerry, Terri, Barry, and Hank on Reggae Beach where they will sing to a new tune. Hop on a bobsled and race with Gene… you know he’s going for that gold medal this year! We also get introduced to a new dolphin in these Quests: Splashy. But is he friend or foe? Moving forward to Mangrove Forest we’ll help Gene start a new business and set a trap for The Claw. Think we’ll catch that mysterious thief this time?

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