Celebrate Julie’s Birthday Day Is Today!

Hello friends and readers and friends of readers! It’s a happy day on the Blog Ride today, a joyously celebratory kind of day, because today is Blog Ride writer and copy editor Julie’s birthday! We think she might be 31, but she sure isn’t telling! You may not know, but Julie copy edits every single post that goes up on the Blog Ride, as well as writing some, and so is responsible for any sort of readability here, as well as keeping tricky commas in place and such. In her honor, a couple of us have written some birthday tributes. You can too, in the comments.


From the Mighty Dana:
As a grammar nerd, I always appreciate meeting others like me. (And no, you’re not one just because you hate it when people misuse there, their, and they’re. Everyone hates that, including, I suspect, the hapless perpetrators.) Julie is one of the only people to whom I can rant about my linguistic pet peeves without having to explain them. That is just one of the things I love about her. I’m also pretty sure I’ve never seen her in a bad mood!

From the Multiloquent Philip:
In much the same way that I am the younger brother Julie doesn’t need (she already has four), Julie is the big sister I didn’t think I had room for (I already have five). But somehow our individual birth orders and familial gender imbalances have worked to our advantage. As a Copywriter, I create the copy for use in various places and as the Copy Editor, Julie takes a red pen to it, enumerates the many ways in which I’ve messed up and sends it back for correction. I, not wanting to further incur her wrath, slink away quietly to make the changes and hope to never speak of it again. Happy Birthday, Julie! You are way more wonderful than I will ever admit.

From the Multipotent Emi (who is one of the super-talented artists here, but who also can write sentences):
I have said on more than one occasion that Julie is the coolest person I know. She’s the kind of person you want as a neighbor who regularly comes over for a glass of wine. Or the family member you always want to spend the holidays with because she’s happy and fun. Or, in my case, the kind of coworker you appreciate because she’s really good at her job but also just an awesome person to spend 8 hours a day with. When I found out Julie had 2 daughters, I thought to myself “I hope they know how amazingly cool their mom is.” So Hailey and Jamie, I’m sure you know this, but you guys really lucked out. Give your mom an extra hug today.

Also, Julie, for your birthday present I made you not look like a hunchback in this blog image on this very post. You’re welcome.

From the Mellisonant Tara:
Wishing the happiest of birthdays to localization master, mama of the Blog Ride, and the sweetest most genuine friend; JULIE! I feel so lucky and happy to have worked with Julie. Her smile, shoulders to cry on, and intelligence are just a few of the qualities I appreciate on the occasional or weekly Julie visit on floor 2 of PopCap HQ. Love you Julie! <3

From me:
Ladieeeeees and Gentlemen and Blog Ride readers. It’s time for the greatest and most anticipated grammatical battle in the history of misplaced modifiers. In this corner, we have the spelling sensation, the phonetic rambler, English John Hart, owner of a record of 16 schwas, four diacritics and one really long o, pride of the olde English, and sometimes known as the Chester Herald. He’s going red pen to red pen with the current Champion of the mark up, the appositive appositiver, the Seattle syntacticalian, the classiest classifying modifier on this or any other blog, Julie Jenkins, long known for defeating commatical and other errors on 134 blog posts in a row – without ever a defeat from writer or wh-interrogative clause! Let’s get ready to re-write!

Of course, the beauty of the above bout is that even a famous fifteenth-century grammarian would lose to Julie. Cause all he had to worry about was the plague, and she has to finagle with all the blog writers every day (and that’s just a teeny tiny part of her job). This is why she retains the championship belt, on this day, and on all others. Thanks Julie, for making us less dumb sounding and for everything else, too!

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