Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare — Kind Words from the Internet

Resident Englishman Rowland has been hard at work reading all the nice things people have been saying about Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare. Let us not let his work go to waste.

Someone once said, I forget who but they were very important. “We are going to make Plants vs. Zombies into a shooter, and people will love it.” How prescient that person was. But before we got to “It’s obvious this was always going to work,” there was a huge amount of work involved. Ideas were pitched from all over PopCap and EA, until finally a small elite team of incredibly passionate and talented developers delivered Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare. Our fans and critics have been very enthusiastic in their praise, read for yourself!

Game Revolution scored it a solid 100/100 and asks, “Is this the second coming of peanut butter and chocolate?”

USGamer also gives it perfect marks (100/100) calling it a “thoroughly entertaining, super-competitive, high body count FPS-hybrid.”

Gaming Trend praises it for being “a shooter that the entire family can enjoy; a game that’s simple enough for my five-year-old daughter, yet deep and varied enough to entrance even the most battle-hardened veteran.”

Polygon notes that it “artfully starts with great shooter chops and uses PvZ to take bold risks with its design, with inspired twists on multiplayer conventions.”

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