Take a Spin with PopCap Slots

Resident Englishman and bon vivant (What, he can’t be both?) Rowland drops by to spin a tale of slot machines.

There are so many wonderful ways to play PopCap games. On a beach, on a cruise, okay…even waiting in line. But did you realize that you can enjoy PopCap games via the supreme audio-visual presentation: slot machines. BLAST your senses with total immersion in slot heaven; that would be my pitch for the marketing copy anyway.

I feel more like Danny Ocean already, you maybe saying to yourself. And if not, well bear in mind these are totally custom made experiences for beloved PopCap games like PvZ, Bejeweled and Zuma.

In my dream palace, I certainly would make space for PvZ Gargantuar and Backyard Showdown.


Behold! Gargantuar! Plus Slots! And A Showdown!

These beautiful machines add a certain “Holy PopCap! PvZ slot machines! Are you kidding me? Take my money!” to any residence. See for yourself below:

Equally as brash and beautiful are the Zuma and Bejeweled slot machines. The gorgeously compelling Bejeweled cabinet is being released summer 2014. As a huge Bejeweled fan, I am canvassing to have a cabinet installed here in the PopCap offices, using cake and cocktail bribes to aid my campaign.

Coming soon, the new Bejeweled slot experience.

Whilst I wait, I will console myself with one last look at the Zuma slot machine. Aaaah, Zuma.

A match you can bet on: the beautifully garish Zuma slot machine.

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