Our Brand New Holiday. “Make a Pound of Fudge. Don’t Share.” Day

Once again, the 2014 Plants vs. Zombies calendar has encouraged us toward gluttony. Yes, February 10th is officially “Make a Pound of Fudge. Don’t Share.” day. That’s both greed and gluttony!  Those zombies really have no shame. Okay, then, I thought, I’ll make the fudge… but I will resist the temptation to hoard it for myself. I’m better than that… I know I am.

And then I made the fudge. It turns out to be kind of a process!

Seriously, I have to chop 18 ounces of chocolate into little shards? That's...really hard work. This picture is only four ounces, and I've only made the first of many chops on it.

As I went about the arduous and time-consuming task of making this fudge, I began to gain a new perspective on this holiday. Why am I doing all this work, only to turn around and give fudge away? Does anyone else deserve this fudge as much as I, who have toiled to create its deliciousness? Fie, I say! This fudge is mine, all mine!

Mine! MINE!

Spare me your pitiful looks and pleading. No fudge for you!

Okay, so… the truth of it is, the only thing harder than making a pound of fudge is working off an entire pound of fudge. Also, sharing is caring and all that jazz, and people will like you better if you give them fudge than if you smack their fingers when they reach for a piece.

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