Of Hawks and Kittens

It was unseasonably warm in the Boss’ home state,
and the game it ended, check and mate.
The hawks did soar,
the broncs did score,
and it feels like gloating to say much more.

But how about that Kitten Bowl, eh?
Now that will brighten any day!
Darling punny monikers,
Feline Manning, Jim Hardpaw …Mr. Whiskers?
(Kind of gave up on that last one. I can relate.)

So for next year, I humbly submit
some Seahawks names for the kits.
Richard Purrman and Steven Meowschka’s
antics would keep us glued to our couches.

Our feathered friends from Solitaire Blitz thought it was the best Groundhog Day ever!

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