Super! Bowl! 12th Zombie Up In Here!

Rick ‘em, rack ‘em, wreck ‘em, ruck ‘em! Get that ball and really fight! Zombie caught up in (American) football fever and hitching a ride on Zeahawks bandwagon. (Still not found the band yet but it a pretty nice wagon.) So Zombie goed out and spent all the nickels in the nickel jar on swell new outfit for to fit into big (American) football parties and help self to brains what taste like cheese dip and light beer.

If youse make with the clicking on the images you can embiggen them and print them out and stick them on your face or share them with friends or whatevs. Zombie suggest you do one or more of those things.

Zombie Editor say Zombie gots to apologize to fans of Denver Broncoz and the capacious forehead of Peyton Manning for not also dressing up in orange but not even Zombie fool enough to do that up here in the Northwest. So have fun, play nice and — win or lose — pleez you not light stranger’s car on fire on Sunday night. Seriously, what is wrong with you?

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