Peggle 2 Masters Spotlight

Our own fine English gentleman Rowland is back for a very special Blog Ride guest post. As Peggle 2 is taking the world by an extreme storm of rainbow-hued awesomeness, we thought it was time to do a little breakdown of the mighty Peggle Masters. And as Rowland is the Community Manager for Peggle (check out the Peggle Facebook page to hang out with him some more), he’s the perfect one to give a little more Masters info. So, take it away Rowland.

Peggle Masters are very much defined by their powers, and each Peggle 2 player will have preferences as to which Master to bring to bear. For those not familiar with Peggle 2’s Masters, here is the lowdown on each of their powers to help you make the perfect choice and reach that exalted realm of Extreme Fever.

Bjorn Unicorn’s Super Guide displays the path of the ball’s first bounce, and is the basis of all Peggle skill. It shows how the ball moves in a curved path affected by gravity, and it also shows how the bounce changes according to the point of contact between ball and peg. The Super Guide flares when an Extreme Slide shot is lined up, and makes style shots such as Long Shot, Free Ball Skillz, Off the Wall, and Mad Skillz a cinch to achieve. Ideally, a serious Peggle player plays enough with Bjorn’s Super Guide that he or she internalizes it completely.

Jeffrey’s bowling-inspired Bowlder power smashes through pegs with all the crushing finality of a carefully launched, more-or-less spherical rock. Particularly effective against armored pegs, a single Bowlder shot can wipe out a whole swath of the board and leave nothing but devastation where bricks and pegs used to exist. Smart Pegglers use the Bowlder early to clear space, or they wait until the multiplier is higher to crush a mess of high-scoring pegs in one go.

Berg’s Deep Freeze power encases the Peggle board with ice. As a result, pegs become slippy and slidey, able to be knocked around like so many curling rocks. Consequently, any peg layout featuring clumps or long lines of pegs is unusually susceptible to the Deep Freeze, as chain reactions of pegs hitting pegs can clear large portions of the board. As for bricks, the chilling effect of the Deep Freeze is to cryogenically light up the bricks on either side of a struck brick, furthering its frosty effectiveness.

Gnorman’s Uber Volt power charges the ball with crackling electrical energy. Each time the ball hits a peg, lightning lances out to strike two additional pegs, vastly amplifying the shot’s peg-busting effectiveness. Studious use of the Uber Volt can obliterate entire sections of the board, making it one of the most powerful powers in the game.

Luna’s Nightshade power flips the board into an eerie, spectral state, half-dead and 50% not-alive. In this shadowy realm, orange pegs remain normal while blue pegs take on a tremulous partial existence through which the Nightshaded ball can tear, accruing points all the while. The simplest use of Luna’s power allows the fearless Peggle player to reach orange pegs that normally would be blocked. However, with the knowledge that each use of the Nightshade returns cleared blue pegs to the board (in spectral form) to be destroyed again, a power user will wait as long as possible to trigger her ability when the multiplier is at its height, delivering a crushingly high-scoring shot to the very gates of Peggle Hades.

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