Tobuscus vs. Plants vs. Zombies

Webster’s dictionary defines “Tobuscus” as “a pungent condiment sauce made from hot peppers” No, wait. That’s “Tabasco.” Let’s try that again…

Webster’s dictionary defines “Tobuscus” as “a line of stitching on the outside of a garment close to a seam.” Hmm. Nope. That’s “topstitch.”

According to reliable Internet sources, “Tobuscus” is an actor, comedian, musician and Internet personality best known for his YouTube videos. And who are we to argue with the Internet?

Tobuscus is also a swell cat whose real name is Toby Turner and he made a couple of righteous videos just for us! And you can see both of them right here, right now in this special two-part video mushed together so it’s really just like one long part. And then you can go find Tobuscus on YouTube and Twitter and Facebook and Tumblr and wandering the streets of Los Angeles and maybe even sitting on your front porch waiting for you to get home. But I’m sure it will just be to give you the pan of brownies he made for you. He’s just that nice! Anyway, watch this video because it is awesome. Thanks, Tobuscus!

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