In the News: Unicorn New Year Edition

Hello, and welcome to a first-of-the-year edition of In The News, where we unveil what the fine folks in the press world and beyond have been saying about PopCap and the games that reside happily under our jolly umbrella. So, without further hemming-and-hawing:

  • First up, in case you missed it (if you’ve seen it already, see it again, cause it’s so darn sweet), a Peggle proposal. Really! Thanks to the awesome Peggle team, two fantastic fans got to start their future as a family with Peggle. See the video and read about in on Joystiq.
  • Speaking of Peggle, another fantastic review recently came in, from the site XBLA Fans. You should read the whole thing, but my favorite line was “PopCap Games has delivered a quality game that not only challenges the player, but provides hours of entertainment at the same time.” The “Buy It” recommendation ain’t so shabby either.
  • Peggle 2 also was called out in a lot of end-of-year/best-of-year lists recently, including a dandy top 10 games of the year AP one that was featured on the Chattanooga Times Free Press. According to this list, Peggle 2 is “The killer app for Microsoft’s new Xbox One.”
  • Another one on the “hopefully you didn’t miss this, but in case you did list” comes from a piece on the International Business Times, which wraps up all the games that won the end-of-year People’s Choice awards for Android games on Google Play. If you didn’t know, the beautiful Bejeweled Blitz won the Old School/Still Cool – Best Franchise Game award (and though they don’t say it outright, it was a landslide people).

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