Celebrate Philip’s Birthday Day Is Today!

Hello friends and readers and readerly friends. As you know, we’re in the midst of the hopping holiday season. But what you may not have known (though maybe you should, and now you do) is that perhaps the most widely celebrated and cheered holiday of all actually falls between Christmas and New Year’s Day. That holiday, which happens today, is Blog Ride writer extraordinaire Philip’s birthday! To celebrate and honor the day, fellow Blog Riders and a surprise guest have written up a few words about Philip below. However, if you want to celebrate Philip’s Birthday Day right, you should really pick him up a little something.

The Incandescent Dana

It is a rare and wonderful discovery in life when you find a reliable source of merriment, a geyser that shoots fun at regular intervals, you might say. Philip is that for me. He’s funny, clever, witty, urbane, and a dozen other synonyms for hilarious, but almost more impressively, he’s unfailingly these things. He’s living proof that too much of a good thing is still totally awesome.

The Inimitable Tara

I had the pleasure of getting to know Philip on our trip to Boston for PAX East this year. I’d only known him as the transcriber of the zombie previously via Ask a Zombie columns on the Blog Ride, so it wasn’t a surprise that this man has an awesome sense of humor. His witty words on the blog are some of my favorite reads on my PopCap breaks. Philip’s down-to-earth demeanor makes for an enjoyable conversation every time we meet, not to mention the fact that we can talk about our cute kiddos without him staring blankly at me like others who aren’t parents and don’t appreciate my constant bragging. You are an inspiration, Philip, not just in your way with words but I also can’t help but look up to you as a family man. Happy Birthday to you, my friend!

The Indefatigable Julie

Philip, Philip, Philip. My days at the office would not be nearly as enjoyable without him here to argue both the finer and coarser points of grammar and style, or really anything else I feel like arguing about. He’s a smart, creative and fun person all around, plus he can dish it out AND he can take it. Really, working with Philip a lot like having one of my brothers working with me, and I mean that in the best possible way! Hope it’s a very happy birthday!

The Ineffable Glenn (our special guest, who isn’t a Blog Ride writer, but who makes the pretty PopCap videos, often with Philip)

For those of you who do know (and those who do not know) Philip, I have a story for you. He turned away from his promising career in figure skating to pursue his 5th passion, writing. Figure skating was his 7th passion, so therein lies the problem. But maybe you are wondering what his first four passions are?

Well number 4 is collecting short pants. Not shorts per say, but pants that come to mid-calf on purpose. Number 3 is looking fast. Even when standing still, Philip looks like he is moving. Stiff hair gel, desk fans and a slight lean are just some of the ways he achieves this. Philip’s number 2 passion: cold yoga. Probably a holdover from his ice skating days, but he likes to work up some sweat icicles contorting into all kinds of positions on a mat of frozen water.

But the Number 1 passion is eating as fast as he can. He had to due to his large family of 23 boys and 3 Saint Bernards. All of these passions add up to the wonderful work of art we call Philip.

Finally, let me (The Inebriant A.J.) give you a little more history on Philip to round things out.

You may not remember it, but many know Philip best from his time as the plucky and hard-charging shortstop for the Seattle Pilots. One year, he hit .302 with 14 doubles. Others know him best from his memorable performance off- off-Broadway in the all-superhero version of Macbeth, where he performed as Batman/Banquo. While Olivier’s Superman/Macbeth and Vivien Leigh’s Wonder Woman/Lady Macbeth were panned, Philip received rave reviews. Still others remember him best for his long-running vaudeville show, Six Jolly Clowns, or for his longer-running BBC TV talk show, An Elucidating Hour with Mr. Smith. I would be remiss, indeed, if I didn’t in addition mention the time he wrestled a polar bear for peanuts, or when he won a pizza eating contest in Punkeydoodles Corners, Ontario, or when he was known (or, not-known) as the Lucha Libre Pelo Misterio. Of course, we here at the Blog Ride like him best as our resident zombie channeler, post conductor, all-around super scribe and generally good-natured gadfly. Long may he roam!

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