Merry Zombmas!

Dear Internet,

Yer old pal Zombie here, wishing you a happy day and a jolly winter and whatever else you am celebrating (birfdays, annivamersaries, stinky new babies, ec tetera).

What a year it was for Zombie. Lot of orpr oprah chances for travel, self-improvement and fun times with friends. But Zombie not do any of them things. No, Zombie just stick around the neighborhood and eat some brainz. Had a couple a pretty good ones, too. Never did get their names, but want to say thanks to all them screaming strangers. One or two got away from Zombie but Zombie not dirt drit giving up. 2014 is going to be Year of Zombie! Zombie going to get all them things Zombie not get in last Year of Zombie, 2013. Or in Year of Zombie prior to that one, 2012. Seeing the pattern here, am you? It always Year of Zombie. Sorry to rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. But not to horse. Horse knows why.

So have a Merry Zombmas and a Zombie Zomb Year! Zombie see you in 2014, even if you not see Zombie until it too late.


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