New Islands in Solitaire Blitz: Water Island & St. Croix

Our pal, regular Blog Ride contributor (really, she writes more posts than the rest of us) and swell community manager Tara is back to let you, yes you, know about some splashy new islands.

Water Island and St. Croix are on the horizon this morning in Solitaire Blitz: Lost Treasures, Blitzin’ friends and Blog Ride readers!

First, grab your crew and visit Fort Segarra with Jacques on Water Island. Hunt for The Claw with Amelia, our newest flying fishy friend. End your Water Island adventure with your Solitaire Blitz bestie, Pearl, looking for . . . well, pearls!

When you have found every Quest Item on wondrous Water Island, point your bow toward St. Croix and continue your voyage on the edge of the Caribbean Sea (towards Solitaire Blitz’s 50th island, which is coming soon!). You may have a minor run in with the Pelican Gang, but creating an original Pearl recipe in the kitchen is always memorable (remember our virtual Thousand Island dressing?).

What are you waiting for? It’s a new island discovery week in Solitaire Blitz, time to dive in and dig for Treasure!

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