The Launch of Peggle 2

Our resident Englishman and keeper of Peggle knowledge, Rowland, returns to talk about the launch of Peggle 2. We don’t have a picture of him yet, but he does look remarkably like a Sunflower.

Everything is better with Peggle. You can see for yourself right now, because it launched today!

Available as a digital-only title on Xbox One, Peggle 2 has all the peg-popping greatness of the original with plenty of new features and fun. It’s packed with 60 levels, 60 trials, Peg Party multiplayer action, and four all-new Peggle Masters and power-ups — and it’s waiting for you now for just $11.99  from the Xbox Live Games Store.

Just as in classic Peggle, Peggle 2 combines elements of pinball, pachinko and billiards and adds liberal doses of whimsy, fun, excitement and challenge — not to mention rainbows and a fifth of Beethoven.

Jared Neuss, Lead Producer on Peggle 2 wants you to know:

“With Peggle 2 we’re taking everything that our fans love about Peggle and bringing it to another level. The new Peggle Masters have tons of personality, their powers are all completely over the top and there is a massive amount of content for players to explore.”

Returning from the original Peggle is Bjorn the unicorn, whose Super Guide power-up displays the path of the ball’s first bounce (enhanced and improved compared to the original Peggle). The four new Peggle 2 masters are: Berg, a lovable yeti whose Deep Freeze power causes pegs to slip and slide into each other, often with devastating chain reactions; Gnorman, a small gnome with big dreams and Uber Volt power-up which supercharges the ball with electricity that lances out to strike two additional pegs for each hit peg; Jeffrey, a laid-back troll with a Bowlder power-up that smashes through pegs and bricks with crushing finality; and Luna, a mysterious but loveable ghost girl, whose Nightshade power turns blue pegs into spectral shadows through which the ball can pass to reach difficult orange pegs — while racking up all the points from phantom blue pegs to boot.

Berg is a happy Yeti. Perhaps it’s the lack of pants, perhaps it’s those incredible icy powers.

The mysterious and slightly creepy Luna. She’s also adorable — for a ghost.

Careful, don’t spill that beverage! Jeffrey is not the most subtle of Masters, but he sure knows the most about goats. And destroying a lot of pegs in one go.

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