The Great PopCap Thanksgiving Bake-Off

Our resident Englishman and master of all things social, Rowland, makes his Blog Ride debut to thrill you with tales of baked goods and facial hair. We mention his English-ness only so you will know to read this post with the proper accent and to not be surprised when none of it makes sense.

We like to bake here at PopCap. We also love moustaches. Put that together and you have a pretty terrible hairy cupcake. Or do you? Not at PopCap you don’t! What you have is an amazing bake-off in aid of Movember.

The great and the good bakers here at PopCap gathered under one banner, united in the cause of Movember. Armed with the finest baked goods known to man (in the Seattle 98121 zip code), and with trusty cooking utensils to hand delicious deliverance was issued! And lo, it was delicious and, in some cases, sticky also (mmm . . . caramel). None survived the encounter without evidence of sugary concoctions smeared across fingers and eyes glazed from sweet icing glazes.

But it wasn’t all sweetness — the challenge of being the greatest baker in all of PopCap was taken seriously. Dozens of people contributed to the success, and talents that had been kept under bushels were flung into the open for all to devour, guilt free! Oh the power of charity! It brings out our best, and most gluttonous, side.

And not only bakers, but also knitters also turned out. Hand knitted moustaches – big and fluffy – and small finger-mounted moustaches for the diet conscious amongst us to wear, or to decorate our man dolls and computers with, were also in evidence.

In the end, money was raised, tummies were filled, and faces were enhanced with strap-on moustaches. And the jaw-dropping talent of our top baker, Karin Madan, who crafted the most spectacular Movember and Solitaire Blitz themed cup cakes and cake popsicles perhaps ever created, was a site to behold. Glaze upon them, a feast for the eyes and taste buds. Maybe, if you are most fortunate, one day you may taste a wonder such as these.

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