The Biggest Day In the History of the Universe So Far

Today is the biggest day in the history of the universe so far. Note, first, that I am only talking about this universe, and this particular timeline of this universe. It’s entirely possible that on Earth-2, this is just another boring, inconsequential day. I don’t know because I was banished from Earth-2 after the last retcon. Apparently it had something to do with me calling Aquaman a “gill-headed sissy.” Whatever. It was worth it.

"I'm sensing that Jeff Green just insulted me."

But anyway, here on Earth-1, it’s a big day. First, it’s the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy. That may not mean a lot to you, but to old dudes like me, it was kind of a defining life moment. To many of us who grew up in the 60s, it instilled a lifetime of distrust of authority. For me, this ensured I’d never have a position in upper management, which is fine for me because the higher you go on an org chart, the more PowerPoint presentations you have to do, and the less you actually do anything that tangibly matters. Plus you start using phrases like “drill down,” “on message” and “synergy migration impact” without irony on a daily basis, which might be fine for some folks but makes me want to stick my head into a moving helicopter blade.

But beyond Kennedy’s assassination, today is important for much more immediate reasons, especially as it affects anyone reading this blog. Because this is the day, with the release of Microsoft’s Xbox One, that the transition to “next generation” gaming is officially here. The Sony PlayStation 4 came out a week ago, and the Nintendo Wii U a year ago, and so now, with the Xbox One, the console trifecta is complete. “Next generation” is now “this generation.”

There has never been a better time, ever, to be a gamer. Along with all the brand new consoles, the PC is having a tremendous renaissance thanks to Steam and the indie game scene, and of course mobile and tablet gaming has brought in a whole new audience and whole new ways to play.  For those who like to press buttons and look at colored lights and avoid responsibility, this is a new golden age indeed. PopCap itself is embracing the new generation, with Peggle 2 coming out shortly for the Xbox One, and we humbly believe that that game alone will justify the purchase of the new machine, at least as far as we’re concerned.

But what I really wanted to say on this monumental day is this: Happy (and I do mean happy) gaming. I’ve spent a bunch of my time over the past few weeks reading articles and message boards and blogs, listening to podcasts, watching livestreams, and so on, with all sorts of folks arguing and pontificating and speculating, way louder than they should, over which machine is “better.”  But the real answer to this is:  Who cares? They’re all amazing  devices. They all do things that were inconceivable a decade ago. They all will make you happy. There is simply nothing worth arguing about here for anyone over the age of 10. Buy the thing that appeals to you most and have fun, and don’t worry about what anyone else is buying. Me? I haven’t bought any of the new consoles yet, but instead picked up the brand new Zelda game for my 3DS and couldn’t be happier.

You may like playing games on your Android. Your mom may like to play in her Web browser. Your brother may like the PS4. The great thing is that there are options for everyone. What used to be a niche for chess club, D&D geeks, and other social misfits/malcontents (in which I proudly include myself) is now part of mainstream pop culture. The fact that anyone’s mom at all is playing any video game is a cultural revolution all by itself. We did it. We won. So, as this new generation begins,  let’s stop bickering amongst ourselves for two minutes and just appreciate what we have accomplished and what we have before us. It’s an embarrassment of riches.

Happy gaming, everyone.

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