Bookworm Heroes: For the People!

Bookworm Heroes has had a slightly awkward childhood. It’s not hard to imagine why; it’s a word game, which means it never got picked first in gym class (though the spelling bee teams fought to recruit it!), and its pet whale Herman wasn’t thriving in captivity and had to be released back into the wild. But Bookworm Heroes is lucky to have devoted friends, and after some soul-searching, it decided to stop holding its friends at arm’s length.

Why is Razor everyone’s favorite gal pal for a couple of weeks, then abandoned while the crew has a toga party at Polyphemus’ place? Why is Lex, the OG Bookworm himself, sometimes eating his lunch all alone? More importantly, how would we bridge the divide and bring everyone together?

The answer was simple: no more Free Hero of the Week. It must instead be Free Heroes. Everyday.

That’s right–you no longer need to choose between spending Coins or playing with the current free Hero! Save those Coins for the Pets you can now easily afford to carry with you into every syllabic skirmish. Play with each Hero in turn to discover their strengths, or stick with your favorite every week for all time without spending another Coin. It’s up to you, because we know you love Bookworm Heroes, and we do too.

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