Plants vs. Zombies 2 Player Questions, Pt. 2: The Android Redemption

It took us a while to get around to volume 2 of this series, because wow, were we not about to touch on the concept of “frequently asked questions” again while the Android release date was still a hot-button topic. But hey, the Android version is out! And now maybe you will trust that when we say we can’t talk about release plans, it’s not because there aren’t any, it’s because we can’t talk about them. (Note: no guarantees of any kind were implied by that statement, so please don’t try to read into the nature of the stuff we can’t talk about. Just take our word for it that there is definitely stuff!)

So with that cryptically affirming caveat out of the way, let’s get down to what we came here to get down to. Let’s talk about some of the questions players have about Plants vs. Zombies 2: It’s About Time.

First, Jamie asks: “I cannot find plant ‘profiles’. I would like to know what each plant does. Can you please provide some guidance? Thanks.”

Okay, I see what happened here. Crazy Dave can be a tad difficult to understand. I see how it could be kind of fun to ignore subtitles and try to figure him out from inflection. But some of his crazy ramblings early on in the game are pretty helpful, like when he shows you where to find the Almanac so you can read about the plants and zombies you’ve encountered.

Tap the Almanac icon to open it and learn more about your plants, zombies, and upgrades!

On the other hand, the Almanac may leave some questions unanswered… as CJ writes: “Great game. thank you! The mummy that arrives in a dust storm is not in the almanac, just fyi” 

The dust storm does not actually deliver a unique zombie! He’s your basic Mummy Zombie, he’s just found a dynamic new move. He arrives with great fanfare as well as momentum… Disco Zombie hopes to add the hyperspeed pirouette to his repertoire.

This next question is definitely not covered in the Almanac, and it’s a good one!

Anne fretfully reports: “Cannot plant potato mine playing pirate sea!!”

Technically, Anne, you can plant Potato Mines in the Pirate Seas levels… just not in every square on the board! The error message states that they can’t be planted on planks. Planks are the sections of wood the zombies have to walk across to reach your ship. Since these spaces lack depth, they cannot be used to grow a Potato Mine, which needs to spend several precious seconds underground before it arms itself. Plant your Potato Mines on the ship’s deck, and they’ll spudow!

Bruce has a longing for plants of yesteryear that I hope to salve with powers of today! “Bring back the garlic!!!!!! I need to channel the enemy into the ground of my choosing so that i can concentrate my firepower and destroy him with maximum prejudice.”

Well, Bruce, I don’t know what Garlic’s plans may be. He’s one of the most wholesome and delicious bulbous hermaphroditically flowering plants in the world (bless Wikipedia), so his docket is usually pretty full. However, there are other options for moving zombies where you want ‘em!

Power Toss is one of the three mighty Power Ups available to you at any time (once you’ve unlocked them by playing the Power Up tutorial level in Ancient Egypt). You can employ Power Toss with gusto, gaily flinging zombies off into space like a great wind, but you can also explore the subtle aspects of the Power Toss, deftly nudging a zombie from one lane to another with gingerly precision.

Also, as you may have noticed, you can now win free Power Ups through Piñata Party, along with other prizes, so don’t forget to take advantage of those chances!

And on the subject of Power Ups, Renie implores: “Please please please! Move the power up bar! I have lost so many coins because this is tapped by accident in the middle of a game.”

Well… I’m not sure there’s any place to move it. There’s limited real estate on these screens, and I think we’re making the most of the space already. But don’t worry — you can cancel a Power Up if you don’t want to use it!  Just tap the Power Up icon a second time before you tap within the board to start using its ability, and your Coins will be restored. If you don’t manage to cancel it in time, then might as well make the most of it! Pinch, Toss, or Zap some zombies!

So that wraps up another PvZ 2 round of Customer Corner. Keep challenging us with the hard questions! Even the Tree of Wisdom has to get stumped eventually.

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