Plants vs. Zombies Halloween Costumes and Pumpkins Rule!

Sadly, another Halloween has come and gone. But at least we got to see some of the best costumes and carved pumpkins in the world (for 2013, at least) – and by that I mean, Plants vs. Zombies inspired ones! Some swell fans did the dressing-up and carving-up right, and then were kind enough to send us the photos. Thanks folks! And now you, dear blog reader, get to see them too. First up, a spooky Buckethead Zombie from Karate with a Z:

That zombie better watch out, though, here comes Peashooter and Sunflower from J M Abaya:

Fitting the season, here’s a Football Zombie (I think it’s actually a Quarterback Zombie) from Memo Al Ro:

And because more zombies equals more fun, here’s a whole zombie family from Jimmy Fredrick:

And now, on to the pumpkins, starting with this stair-full from Steve 2:

And ending on a sweet Sunflower pumpkin from Chris Parkin:

Awesome all around — thanks again everyone for sending. Now, only a few hundred more days until next Halloween!

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