Double Mine Boosting in Solitaire Blitz

Our favorite guest-posting galpal Tara is here again, to teach you how to raise your Solitaire Blitz high score to levels only dreamed about, via the dandy new Double Mine. Do tell, Tara.

Oh, I see you’re jealous of my super high score on the leaderboards. How did I get it, you might ask?

The story starts here at PopCap HQ, where Boosts are born, with one lone developer who had a sparkle in his eye. He was determined to bring fans more of what they already love – blowing their cards up in Solitaire Blitz (hence the Mine Boost being one of the top Boosts used by fans). So why not double the fun, he thought!

You can now find 2 Mines buried under your stacks of cards when boosting your game with the Double Mine. Add the regular Mine Boost into the mix and now you can blow up every face-up card 3 times during one game! How’s that for an explosive Solitaire Blitz experience? If you can’t find a Boost you like in the Boost menu, they are always rotated in the Shop too!

Your High Score comes with statistics, which show how you received your points. You can see that the points are not all from the Win Streak of 79. That only gives an extra 79,000 in bonus points. Where the big points come in is in that long run. There are only 67 cards in the deck (as long as you don’t use the Extra Cards Boost), so only one card was drawn the entire game. And don’t forget about the 20,000 point Accuracy Bonus at the end for not making a single mistake, as well as the bonus points for turning 4+ cards over very quickly (which this Boost does for you!). There are more tips and tricks on our handy dandy FAQs, but this Boost will sure give you a BOOM of a start against your Solitaire Blitz crew this week!

Thanks for reading, Blog Riders, and let us know which Boost combination has given you the most BOOM on your leaderboard in the comments below!

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