Piñata Party! Run Away!

Weird guy Crazy Dave trying to throw a Plants vs. Zombies 2 Piñata Party in your yard. Zombies from different time era thingies are coming to put a stop to it. Do you really want him messing up your lawn? He going to tell you that it is big fun and you could win prizes. He might try to make you all excited by saying each party is only for litm limmtt a little while but you can try it until you win. He also going to tell you that if you win three Piñata Parties in a row that you get to whack “Señor Piñata” for a super extra special bonus prize. Do not believe his lies. Do not read this FAQ what was written by other human what is in cahoots with Crazy Dave (cahoots are a bad thing to be in, fyi) that further explains the details. Just look outside and when you see a bunch of mummy or cowboy or pirate zombies coming across yer lawn, open the door and let us in. Zombies just want to help.

The Zombies

P.S. Do you see all these hansum zombies? They are your friends. Do not believe plant propaganda.

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