Go Casting for Kitties in Solitaire Blitz!

If you ever meet someone from PopCap and want to start a conversation, here’s a safe bet: talk about pets. We at PopCap love our little furry friends, from security officer Noni to the adorable little corgi who gets walked right past my desk window several days a week (and someday, I’ll be outside at the right time, and I’ll get to pet that doggie!). If you follow PopCap on Facebook (and well, why wouldn’t you?), you’ve probably seen this photo album. Yes, make no mistake about it, PopCappers are fiercely proud of our pets.

Solitaire Blitz Lost Treasures has taken players on a tour through a chain of picturesque islands where treasures are waiting to be discovered with each dive. Never has treasure been more literal than on the island called Kitty Cat Cay.

Kittens in diving gear! Could they be any cuter?

When the Solitaire Blitz team invited PopCappers to submit photos of their kitties with stories about why they were so very special, I know they were deluged with adorable choices! I also know that my Chaos cat is the smartest and handsomest little guy in the world! It’s long been a dream of mine to see him immortalized by an artist, and now, that dream has come true.

Adorableness abounds! And my King Chaos sits at the center, looking quite satisfied.

So go play some Solitaire Blitz! Rescue some beautiful kitties! And if we meet in the real world someday, ask me about my Chaos. We’ll be instant friends.

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