Zombies Invade Mall; World Is Thrilled!

This weekend, I had the pleasure of attending a day of the undead in Redmond, WA. The Redmond Town Center (a mall so big it probably has its own voting district) was the local site of an annual event known as Thrill the World, in which zombie enthusiasts with excellent rhythm gather in cities around the globe to reenact the classic choreography from the music video for Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

Hundreds of dancers came together in a most impressive display!

As a representative of PopCap, I was honored to be one of the judges for the zombie costume contest. I don’t know that I have ever had more bizarre debates in my life than the conflicts among my fellow judges. For instance:

Drumstick Zombie was one of the winners. "Realism" aside, she looked really cool!

Judge #1: I like the girl with drumsticks through her head.

Me: Well, it looks cool, but it violates the fundamental law of zombieism.

Judge #2: What do you mean?

Me: That’s a brain injury! She wouldn’t still be shambling.

Judge #1: Well, I don’t know where you’re getting that!

Me: From every zombie story or film ever…. I liked the My Little Zombie. She’s so unique!

Judge #1: Unicorn zombies? That’s ridiculous.

Me: (sotto voce) Sure, but zombies impaled through the head make total sense.

The adults were easier to judge than the kids...less adorable, more terrifying!

Strangest argument about adult costumes:

Judge #2: I thought #11 was really scary!

Me: Oh, me too!  Those eyes were so creepy!

Judge #1: (snorts derisively) They’re just contact lenses.

"Is he really a zombie?" was the only question for the judges. But he looked amazing...1st prize!

The 12th Zombie only eats the brains of 49ers fans.

It was an invigorating day, and I was proud to have been a small part of it.  After the dance show ended, another event began:

Flag Zombie is ready to plant. His flag, that is!

Uncle’s Games hosted a launch party for Plants vs. Zombies Risk, and their gaming area was set up for demos:

Invade or defend a lawn on one side of the board and a brain on the other!

All in all, I haven’t had this much fun at the mall since before I had my own money to spend there.  It was wonderful to see so many fans of sci-fi/fantasy and horror coming together to share their love of the creepy, weird and cool.  While there was a contest, there were truly only winners on that stage.

And I leave you with another action shot from the awe-inspiring dance party.

Some of those dancers are as young as I was when I obsessively watched The Making of Thriller... on Beta.

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