Disco Zombie Meets the Girl Scouts

From time to time here on board the PopCap Mother Ship, we are graced with visitors from hither and yon. Art students, media members, the boss’s nephew… Last week we had the good fortune to be invaded by a group of Girl Scouts. Not just regular Girl Scouts either. These were Zombie Girl Scouts!

To make them feel at home, our old pal Disco Zombie took a break from choreographing new wicked dance moves to greet them.

But what’s this? That isn’t Disco Zombie. That looks suspiciously like a Wall-nut in a leisure suit.

Oh, Disco Zombie… you always know how to make an entrance.

Fortunately for all assembled, our visitors came bearing the gift of dance! Here they are schooling Disco Zombie on some sick moves of their own.

And here are the aforementioned sick moves in action. Seems Disco Zombie can still learn a thing or two.

Despite not bringing us any cookies (I know, I know, they are out of season) they were still a fantastic group of young ladies and we really enjoyed having them around. Disco Zombie is totally stealing incorporating their moves into his next number.

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