Halloween Costume How-To: Luna

Peggle 2 is fast approaching, and we could not be more excited! When it came time to make Halloween plans this year, I was pleased to realize the pantheon of PopCap personas had grown to include several new human-shaped females over the last year or so. Bookworm Heroes gives us both Razor and Nenya, and now Peggle 2 has introduced the mysterious and mischievous ghost girl named Luna.

Now, my cosplay enthusiasm aside, I knew I couldn’t pull this one off. I enlisted my good friend Tara to play the part of this adorable spirit.

First, I made a list of the elements we would need for this endeavor: a brown dress, a black scarf that billowed cape-like at the back, mustard-yellow ribbons for her pigtails, and makeup to paint her ghostly visage.

We bought two yards of ribbon and tied big flouncy bows around her pigtails. When I saw how perfect they were, I knew this was going to work!

The makeup started with a ghostly white base.  Next, we painted the hollows of her eyes black and extended the circle around her brow to capture Luna’s wide-eyed (technically, wide-socketed) look. We outlined her mouth in black and drew it wide across her cheeks, then finished by adding the hatch marks along the top. (Are they stitch marks? Little wrinkles from all that smiling? The mysteries of Luna….)

They might make a cute couple, if he could grow a mustache.

For the scarf with a cape-like quality, we simply tied the sleeves of a black sweater around her neck, letting the sweater hang down behind her shoulders. It’s all part of the costumes-that-don’t-break-the-bank ingenuity plan! Finally, we made her a little sign to carry around, displaying her beloved mustache (she’s given it a big red kiss).

Luna's fascination with mustaches is the greatest mystery of all.

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