Halloween Costume How-To: Razor

Some years, I get pretty excited about Halloween, and it usually has to do with discovering a new character and realizing I could totally pull that off as a costume. I’m not the most adept seamstress, but I can hold my own with paints, found objects and the occasional hot glue gun. This year, I have played more Bookworm Heroes than any other game, and my favorite Hero to play as is the super-hacker goth chick known as Razor.

So l33t she would NEVER misspell elite.

She’s such a cool character, adorable and tough at the same time. Her sly smile lets you know that you want to stay on her good side, but you sort of suspect she has manicured nails with stencils of unicorns and rainbows under those big gloves.

So, what does it take to turn into a cybernaut spelling enthusiast for a day?

Start with the outfit–it’s probably stuff you’ve got in the closet already! Black jacket, black pants, purple shirt…if you don’t own it yet, you won’t have trouble finding it just about anywhere you look.  Then you need a pair of gloves and a pair of boots, but you’ve got to be willing to do a little bedazzling of those items, so you might look for used versions at the thrift store. For said bedazzling, you can find purple gems and purple paint at any craft store, as well as the aforementioned hot glue gun for affixing the gems.

I happened to have some boots that purple gems only improved!

And the gloves were $3 at Goodwill.

For her hair, I made a basic bun but left little sections hanging down, anime-style. I know, I know, Razor has bangs, but there’s a limit to how far you can go for a costume! And while I couldn’t make my eyes glow, I could use purple eye shadow to make them big and bright.  I also tinged the edges of my lips with the same shade of purple.  Being pale as a hacker goth, well, that’s just my good luck.

A while back, I made a costume for Lex, my other favorite Hero. I loved walking around in day-glo, feeling relentlessly cheerful and eminently erudite.  Being Razor, I felt sneaky, powerful and tough, but pretty and girly too.

Lock up your gem tiles!

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