Double Your Time in Solitaire Blitz

And now an important message from Community Manager Par Excellence Tara, who knows about these things.

Ahoy Solitaire Blitz fans & Blog Ride readers!

Today is the last day to stock your Solitaire Blitz cupboards with our new Boost: Double Time! This is a Rare Boost, meaning that it may only be around for a few days at a time. So you’ve definitely gotta grab ‘em when ya see ‘em! You will be happy to know that this is not the only Rare Boost we’ve created. But you will have to stay tuned for more news on that. Any guesses?

This one is for all the players that already enjoy the Extra Time Boost. Taking your sweet time in Solitaire Blitz allows you to work toward the Accuracy Bonus and gives you the chance to spot other bonus moves you might make along the way! What if you could choose to create a Royal Family Bonus or a Three of a Kind in your leisurely round of Solitaire Blitz? We know some of you have Win Streaks in the hundreds, and those in the thousands… well, you all deserve medals! Having this luxurious spare time will give that clock a much smaller chance of resetting your precious Win Streak back to zero. Using the rare Double Time Boost in your game will double your game time, adding one whole minute to the clock. Add in the original Extra Time Boost and double that too, giving you the ultimate time lover’s weapon… three minutes on the clock! But remember to watch out for the Rare Boost alert and stock up, because these Double Boosts don’t hang around too long.

Now get out there and keep blitzin’, streakin’ and winnin’ because today is also the last day of this week’s tournament! Make sure you’ve made it to the top of your leaderboard and let us know how high your score can get with all that Double Time in the comment section below.

Happy Blitzing, everyone!

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