RISK: Plants vs. Zombies Collector’s Edition Now Available

If it wasn’t enough that those pesky zombies wanted to eat brains in your house and across history, now they’ve gotten up onto the tabletop thanks to the new twist on the classic game of world domination: RISK: Plants vs. Zombies Collector’s Edition. But here’s a twist, faithful blog followers, that makes the game even more fun: one of the players is the zombies! Yep, the tables can be turned and you can be the one battling again those powerful flora. Or stick with the plants and battle your pals playing as zombies.

And it’s not even just one game! Holy herbaceousness. Of course the Plants vs. Zombies Risk game is going to be awesome, but it’s twice as awesome, with a double-sided gameboard and three ways to play: Tower Defense, Mission Objective, or Total Domination. There’s a one-of-a-kind Brainsborough map on one side and the familiar Plants vs. Zombies backyard on the other.

Also, instead of your standard Risk armies, here the troops are Peashooters and Threepeaters or Brown Coat Zombies and Zombie Mobs. There are also custom Skirmish Cards and Faction Cards and more goodies that’ll turn your tabletop into a wild war zone of fun-dead proportions.

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