The Mystery of The Claw in Solitaire Blitz

Our swell pal Tara (recently profiled in a Blog Ride post, and also a past contributor to the blog) is back with all her storytelling charm to fill everyone in on the mysterious mystery of The Claw!

There are a number of great mysteries in the world. Who built the heads on Easter Island?  Who, or what, wrote the Voynich Manuscript? How many licks does it actually take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? But the greatest of them all has been unraveling since Solitaire Blitz Lost Treasures was launched on Facebook — who is The Claw?

The Claw has graciously been leaving “sweet” little notes (we actually call them Calling Cards here in the office) in place of your stolen Treasures since the launch. Not cool, right?! Well, there must be more to this story! Every time one of those notes surfaces, I can hear you (in my head, that is) asking — who is ‘The Claw’? Wouldn’t we all love to know!

The mystery of The Claw began early on in our Lost Treasures story which is set in the Caribbean. The Claw is the Solitaire Blitz villain stealing our Treasures! We’ve seen lots of hints, but we have not seen many answers when it comes to this mysterious character.  Our old friend Eduardo was the first character to mention The Claw when he took some loot on Grenada Island. Could Eduardo actually be The Claw? Could he simply be trying to throw us off? We also see Sophie getting kidnapped and almost married to The Claw, so does that rule Sophie out as a suspect? There are also some new characters that recently swam into the Caribbean, including The Seagulls — Solitaire Blitz’s barbershop quartet — Ivar the Turtle, Gene the Seahorse and a very mysterious Dog Fish whom we first meet on St. Martin. Meanwhile, Noodles the Octopus pulled together quite the suspect line up on Kelp Forest Island after The Claw stole Ivar’s beloved teddy bear.

Could one of these characters be The Claw? And what about Noodles — he DOES have a hook for a tentacle!

We want to hear from you, loyal Blog Ride readers and Solitaire Blitz players! Who IS The Claw? Keep paying close attention to all the clues throughout your journey and add your best guess to the comments below.

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