It’s Ride an Imaginary Horse Day!

Here’s hoping you haven’t forgotten, but in case you have, let me remind you that you need to ride an imaginary horse today, in honor of Ride an Imaginary Horse Day! If you somehow did forget, then it may be because you don’t have the handy 2013 Plants vs. Zombies calendar, which helpfully marks happening holidays like this one. To ensure you don’t miss any holidays next year, I strongly suggest you pick up the 2014 Plants vs. Zombies calendar right now (I detailed it more thoroughly in this post if you’re the type that wants more information). You could also watch these fine videos of folks enjoying Ride an Imaginary Horse Day. But don’t forget to buy the calendar, too.

First up Morgan, trotting through the office prairie on her six-legged purple unicorn named Thurston (which, she says, counts as it’s a type of horse):

Next, Kevin takes a slow riding saunter through the grasslands:

Then, Jen rides in place as the world rolls under her horse’s hooves:

Finally, Adam’s got his horse moving at gallop:

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