The 2014 Plants vs. Zombies Calendar is Available (and the Best Thing You Will Ever Own in Your Life)!

I know it’s only September, but it’s never too early to think about the future. In this case, the future means 2014, and it’s easy to think about because the Plants vs. Zombies 2014 Calendar is now available! And, it’s the coolest thing ever. Really!

The whole calendar is a Plants vs. Zombies vs. the Movies theme. What does this mean? It means that every single month is a different movie poster starring the lovable flora and friendly fun-dead. But instead of taking the easy route and just aping existing movies, we came up with brand new movies in different genres for every month. Take January, for example: Wall-Nut vs. Zombies from the Moon!


Or, if you’re feeling a bit more on the romance side, take a looksee at February’s madcap classic: The Summer of Squash:

It even guest-stars that most famous of supporting actor squashes, Butter Nutley! Each poster was done in a collaboration between a PopCap writer and a PopCap artist, making each month a family heirloom worth framing. And, beyond the artistic value, the calendar also works as a calendar, with all the dates nice and clear and all the holidays well-marked. This means there’s no way you’ll miss Wear a Cape Day on April 4th next year, and that you’ll be completely ready for Pants Free Friday on the 6th of June. I suggest you get a calendar for everyone you know today, and those you want to know tomorrow. Because you certainly don’t want to miss the latest pic in the spy genre (Mr. Bond might as well retire), C.H.O.M.P.E.R.:

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