Plants vs. Zombies 2 Players’ Real FAQ’s: Asked and Answered!

Plants vs. Zombies 2 has been in your hands a few short weeks, and already some very interesting questions have been pouring in to our Support team! I’ve gathered a sampling of the most common and the most unique to share, so welcome to an all Plants vs. Zombies 2 edition of . . .

First, we’ve gotten some questions that have to do with the original game as much as the new one.

Russ writes: “Double sunflower not working? Works fine in PvZ1?”

While in the original Plants vs. Zombies you would have had to plant this over top of the standard Sunflower, in Plants vs. Zombies 2, it is a complete plant all by itself! You can plant a Twin Sunflower directly on any unoccupied square.

Granted, you may need to take the standard Sunflower along on some levels in order to get enough sun to plant a Twin Sunflower. . .  but not on all levels (some Brain Buster levels start you off with Sunflowers already), and not if you’re making creative use of some of the optional items like Sun Bonus Upgrades and Plant Food! Consider the possibilities! The standalone Twin Sunflower actually allows you to save a seed slot without sacrificing sun power.

Lori writes: “I have unlocked Wall-nut First Aid, but can’t find it anywhere in my plant list (or anywhere else). Help?”

Wall-nut First Aid is not a plant, and you don’t need to see it in order to use it! Once you have earned this upgrade, you can simply plant a new Wall-nut or Tall-nut in the same square as a partially eaten one. This saves you from having to wait until it’s entirely devoured or dig it up first, which holds back the zombie hordes from advancing that one crucial step toward eating the plant under the Wall-nut’s protection!

Next, we have some questions about challenge criteria, a few of which make me suspect you guys are reading about the game before playing it. I get that you may be looking for tips and tricks so you can beat it on the first try, but why not just play it through and see whether you can figure it out on your own? What makes me think that’s what some of you are doing, you ask? Well . . .

Anitra writes: “When it says ‘Don’t let Zombies tramp on flowers,’ does this mean Peashooters, Iceberg Lettuce, Bonk Choy, Potato Mines, Wall-nuts, etc? Or just plants that have flowers?”

. . . and Lyn asks a similar question: “What are ‘Dave’s mold colonies’ so that I won’t plant on them?”

If you let the level load and look at the screen, you will see the flowers or the mold colonies in question. They’re not on every level, and they aren’t plants in your arsenal. They are visible and distinctive. Just take a chance and try the challenge – you won’t be penalized if you don’t beat it the first time.

Also regarding challenge criteria, a fairly common question was about timers.

Karin writes: “Day 7 second star – the countdown allows the zombie to traverse to the lawnmower, nullifying the game.  I thought that this was perhaps to develop a strategy to use two Iceberg Lettuce, which I tried, but still lost the lawnmower.”

and Vika echoes: “Do not understand ‘don’t spend any sun for 30 seconds’.”

This is a tough one! Mostly because you first encounter the simple enough challenge of “30 seconds,” and you think, well, it’ll slow me down on planting Sunflowers at the start, but I can lay down an Iceberg Lettuce if a zombie needs to be paused during the countdown, and I’ll be free to bust some graves in that time, and it won’t hurt me in the long run.

And then the next challenge ups it to 60 seconds . . . then 90 seconds . . . and your strategy starts to fall apart.

Here’s the trick: no one ever said it had to be the first 60 or 90 seconds of the level!

Set up a solid defense in the beginning, and you’ll see the timer stop and start over again multiple times along the way. All that matters, though, is that at some point you stop spending sun and let the game run itself (you can still use Grave Busters, Iceberg Lettuce, Plant Food, and Power Ups if you need to!) without spending any more sun until you see that check mark appear on the timer. And don’t feel bad – it took me a few tries to figure it out too.

I’ll be back with more player questions soon, but for now, let me leave you with my very favorite question so far.

Luke writes: “I have recently unlocked the Bonk Choy but was wondering: since it is a broccoli shouldn’t it be called a Bonk-choly?”

Bonk Choy is not offended by this question; he always looks this surly. But he is happy to take the opportunity to educate the public about his heritage. He hails from the proud lineage of the bok choy, which is Cantonese for “white vegetable.”  He does acknowledge broccoli as a distant cousin whose high iron count speaks to his valor on the battlefield.

Thanks for playing, loving and wondering all about Plants vs. Zombies 2!  We love hearing from you, so don’t be shy!  Also, check out the forums, where fellow fans may have tips to share about the levels that are truly busting your brains.

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