First Day of PAX Prime! Come Play Peggle 2.

Hi everyone! It is the first day of PAX Prime here in Seattle, the convention in which 70,000+ gaming enthusiasts cram into our city to cough on each other, stand in lines for hours and eat $9.00 hot dogs! And that’s just the fun part!

We kid because we love.

In fact, PAX is quite possibly the best gaming convention on the planet, if for no other reason that it’s a convention for fans. This is a show all about the love of games and gaming culture, and if companies like ours are there to show you our stuff, which we love to do, it’s also even more just a gathering of the tribe, the tribe of board gamers and Street Pass collectors and console gamers and every stripe of nerd you can think of.

For PopCap, this show is a particularly exciting one, because it marks the first time ever that we are putting a long, long, long awaited sequel into the hands of fans: Peggle 2.

We humble Blog Riders have been waiting for the game as long as you, so we know how you feel. And having seen the game ourselves now, we know you are going to be happy. We also have Plants vs. Zombies 2 playable on iPads at the booth, so if until now you have been afraid of the free download, we encourage you to stop by and play. Just don’t stand there all day and play the whole game, because not only would that be inconsiderate to others, but it would be kind of a waste of your PAX ticket. And finally, we will also be hosting Bejeweled Blitz tournaments throughout the day at the booth, with a fabulous, trendsetting Bejeweled Blitz t-shirt that wouldn’t look out of place on any fashion show runway. We also have some amazing posters to hand out, which will look amazing next to your Warhol print or One Direction poster or List of People To Kill or whatever you have hanging on your wall!

And, as always, for those not lucky enough to attend this extravaganza, we have a very special web page for you to visit in which you can grab some free digital goodies to help ease the pain. Go check it our right now!

To those in Seattle, remember to shower (with soap), use deodorant and then stop by the PopCap booth and say hi!

We can’t wait to see you!

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