We Came, We Saw, We Gamescom

Here’s a post from our pal Tara, just back from Gamescom in Germany.

As we time travel back to Seattle from Cologne, Germany, I’m reminiscing on all the great moments our team shared at Gamescom. PopCap’s presence was small this time around, but we had some very big news to share with Gamescom goers and fans watching from around the world. All in all, this show saw 340K video game lovers, which were record breaking numbers for this convention during an exciting season of next gen consoles!

We brought the already released Plants vs. Zombies 2 (you are already playing this, right? RIGHT?!), which was playable at EA’s ginormous booth. As well as the new Peggle 2, playable at Microsoft’s Xbox One booth! We also shared some exciting news at the EA press brief about the upcoming PvZ Garden Warfare game, showing trailers for Boss Mode and zombie classes.


It’s a funny thing when you’re used to sitting at a desk all day, how exhausting standing on your feet can be. But we managed to spend 4 full days on the show floor for up to 10 hours per day! Thank goodness for the amazing Latte Macchiatos that kept us going all day. The food and drinks in Köln (as locals call Cologne) were definitely worth writing home about. Being a vegetarian, I ate a lot of salad and pomme frites (they serve their French fries with mayonnaise!), but my team probably consumed a small farm. The sausages, bratwurst, schnitzel, shall I go on? The food was amazing and we ate very well! Not to mention the amount of the local Kölsch beer we drank, which by the way, is half the price of a soda!

We fell in love with Germany and can’t wait to return. Everyone was so kind, the country is just beautiful, and we even learned a little German. Thanks for having us, Gamescom!
The plane is landing at 11 am, even though we left Europe at 11 am. So, we will have to fight the jet lag and keep on working to adjust back to reality. Sure hope to see some of our local Blog Ride readers on the show floor of PAX Prime this coming weekend in Seattle. You too, can try out Peggle 2 and let us know what you think of new Master Luna. Not to mention, we love getting the chance to actually meet our fans. Definitely stop by the PopCap booth and say ‘Hello’! Or as the Germans would say ‘Guten Tag’!

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