Bjorn to Rock

Incredible though it seems, it was barely two months ago that Peggle 2 was teased at E3. Far more incredible, though, is the fact that we already have a trailer to show you! (How long do you think we’ll be waiting for a trailer on the Batman/Superman movie? Tease to trailer is typically interminable!)

That’s how much we love you, and that’s how much we know you love Peggle. If I were to break it down like an equation, it would go something like:

Love + Peggle (Peggle love) / Instant gratification √ Ode to Joy

Okay, so I don’t know much about math. But I know plenty about Peggle, and I know you want to learn more about Peggle 2! So “Like” Peggle on Facebook to keep up with all the news to come, and check out this sweet trailer!

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