Are You Ready for Some Brainball?

Plants vs. Zombies Adventures has been alive and kicking on Facebook for a few months now, and we’ve added lots of new features since the game first launched. So if you haven’t played for a while, you really should go back — and the best new reason for visiting Big Zombie Country is Brainball!

In Brainball you’re given a certain number of brains to hide strategically in your town. Then, you send zombies to other players’ towns and swipe their brains. But watch out — other players are coming for your brains, too! You’ll compete with players from across the globe — not just your friends, but a group of people that are matched up with you based on your progress in the game. It’s a fun new addition to PvZ Adventures, and it also gives you the opportunity to see what the competition is like from the zombie’s point of view.

To play Brainball you’ll need to pass level 2-2 on the Road Trip. So go play Plants vs. Zombies Adventures and steal some brains for us!

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