The Comic-Con That Was

Well, we seem to have mostly survived the trip to the San Diego Comic-Con (or Comic-Con International: San Diego, if you prefer and I know some of you do). Our hats are off to the PopCap team who worked so hard for so long to make the booth come together and we want to give an enormous THANK YOU to the many, many (many) fans who stopped by to join in the fun.

We met plant fans…

and zombie fans.

There were adorable flowers…

and angry flowers.

Our colleague Stephen Notley was on hand to spread the good news of his not-entirely-appropriate-for-all-ages creation, Bob the Angry Flower.

Artists with their creations.

Our very own Augie Pagan with his “Pirate Zombie” Mega Munny, which you can bid on right here!

Some of whom were real-live show-biz types.

Celebrity gadabout Jason Mewes with his own Mega Munny which you can also bid on right here!

A zombie who was not camera-shy…

and one clear sign that Clark Kent has finally stopped trying.

Thanks to the delightful Leigh Beach for all of the photos. Let’s do it again next year!

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