Have You Shaken Hands With a Dog Yet Today?

According to the Plants vs. Zombies 2013 calendar (which I’m sure you have, so you probably already know this — also, be sure to pre-order the Plants vs. Zombies 2014 calendar), today, July 22, is Shake Hands With a Dog Day! Perhaps my second favorite holiday of the year (after Keith’s Birthday, which is coming soon), Shake Hands With a Dog Day lets you meet and greet canine pals even more frequently than you might on other days. We’re celebrating it here at PopCap HQ, and have dogs roaming the halls shaking hands with folks. For example, here’s Pebbles (looking very dreamy about the whole thing):

And Rufus (who, serious look aside, really likes shaking):

And Bobo (who was mid-shake – and who, if you wondered, really liked Pebbles):

And finally, Moby (who is awfully good for shaking while being surrounded by people calling him adorable):

Overall, Shake Hands With a Dog Day has definitely been ruff. Or, I’ve been bow-wow’d by Shake Hands with a Dog Day. Either works waggingly well! Now go shake some dog paws.

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