PopCap at Comic-Con Pictorial

Hello friends! I know we’ve mentioned that we have a bright-and-shiny booth at the wondrous Comic-Con in posts below, talking about the Plants vs. Zombies Munny and the Plants vs. Zombies Dark Horse comic. But as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and as Blog Ride writer Dana is actually at Comic-Con (she’s not only a super-hero blog post writer, but a super-hero devotee, as shown in past Comic-Con posts), she took a whole bunch of cool pictures for us back at HQ, and for you reading this post. Here are some of the top ones (there are five, so they are worth five thousand words). Also, at the bottom, we have an announcement about one of our co-workers, who has his own cool Comic-Con story. So, look and read on!

What’s everybody at Comic-Con talking about? Look up.


Check out the big booth of sweet Plants vs. Zombies stuff.


Don’t forget to pick out your favorite Munny.


Look at the awesome Dark Horse booth: Hellboy, Star Wars, Plants vs. Zombies and Conan!


And Dana got to meet a favorite star: Taimak from The Last Dragon!

Finally, feast your eyes on this: our co-worker and pal (and past Caption Contest artist) Chris Sheridan released his newest comic masterpiece, The Motorcycle Samurai, at Comic-Con this very week. It’s being put out exclusively by the fine folks at Top Shelf and Comixology. Chris is the real deal people, with a style that’s unique and brilliant and a good ear for the story-telling – and he’s always willing to show off his martial arts. The Motorcycle Samurai is a rollicking fable of swords, deserts, wheels, colorful costumes and cracking wise. Get it today!

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