Meet Beeshooter from Plants vs. Zombies Adventures

We’re continuing our profile of new characters in Plants vs. Zombies Adventures with a closer examination of a little plant with big dreams named Beeshooter.

What is Beeshooter? Well, in theory, the name kinda tells you what it is. This magnificent little VIP plant shoots bees at zombies — stinger first. And since zombies don’t have EpiPens, it’s usually not very much fun for them. But I think there’s more to this story.

A wise person (Dana) once said: “Beeshooter is clearly some kind of plant/insect hybrid that likely sprung up as an evolutionary defense measure due to the decline in the worldwide bee population.” While I couldn’t get any official response on this from the Beeshooter’s spokesperson, I think it’s worth at least considering that Beeshooter exists because we didn’t learn the lesson that Wall-E tried to teach us.

Then again, it’s possible that this plant just has way too many bees in its mouth and needs to get rid of some.

But enough wondering about what this Beeshooter is and why he exists. You can go go play PvZ Adventures and get a Beeshooter of your very own.

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