Zombie Gardening Tipz: “Hot in Herre” Edition

Summertimes is best times for sprucing up your garden. If that your thing, anyway. If not, what you doing here? If so, Zombie have some helpful hints to make your garden extra super special.

•    June is great time to finish planting garden beds, flower boxes and hanging baskets. When finished, smash them with a stick.

•    Keep on top of weeds in summer. In fact, keep on top of all plants. Zombie like to use big plastic tarpaulin.

•    Prune flowering shrubs right after they blossom. Zombie like to use a chainsaw. And fire.

•    It not too late to plant bulbs for next year. Just make sure you plant them deep enough. Dig a hole about 8-feet deep and dump them all in. Cover with cement. Tulips love a challenge!

•    Vegetables getting too big and falling over? Stake them! Go all Abraham Van  Helsing on them. Or tie them up. Real tight. Make lots of knots.

•    Water is precious natural resource. Water we have now is all the water we are ever going to have. Don’t waste it on plants. Make them get their own water. Lazy plants. Why you doing all the work?

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